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One week doing a whistle-stop tour of Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the magnificent national parks, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon and Zion. Las Vegas is rightly recognised as the entertainment capital of the US - it is a must see for anyone who enjoys people watching and having a flutter on the gambling tables and/or machines! Only one word adequately describes the scenery that I saw - GRAND. The scale was huge and the contrasts stark. Quite a bit of snow about too, especially in Utah, which added an extra sparkle to the brilliant earthy colours all around. Weather was brilliant given the time of year.

Home three days and feeling increasingly ill I eventually went to see the doctor when the pain got too much and spent the next five days in hospital being treated for pneumonia (three days on oxygen and intravenous antibiotics). The life-saving wonders of modern medicine should never be understated - it was an eye-opening experience in hospital.


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