Exmouth, Western Australia

April 2023, time for a 12-day holiday in one of the more out-of-the-way places in Australia - the small town of Exmouth, Western Australia. Main reason for the trip was to experience a rare hybrid total solar eclipse (success!!), but also to experience all that Exmouth has to offer; from fine dining in the warm outdoor air, exploring the rugged terrain inland, snorkelling in the warm waters exploring the corals and fish of the pristine Ningaloo Reef just a few meters offshore and swimming with majestic whale-sharks.


We have arrived....!

View from the dining area at Mantarays Ningaloo Reef Resort 

The lily pond

The "Belt of Venus" over the Indian Ocean

The Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt Silvery water after sunset

Footbridge, Exmouth Marina Village

Car park on the Mildura Road at the tip of the North West Cape (the Mildura wreck)

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse and anchor memorial (view to SW)   Charles Knife canyon looking towards its exit to the Exmouth Gulf Charles Knife canyon further inland Pebble Beach - many of the pebbles have holes in them. My favourite.

Dining tables at Sal Salis. Opulent foodie experience of the highest order Whale-shark symbolism is a prominent feature in the Exmouth region Sal Salis: glamping in style under beautiful skies - day and night Beautiful sunsets were a feature: crepuscular rays over the Indian Ocean

Another gorgeous end-of-day spectacle at Sal Salis Yet another gorgeous sunset at Sal Salis

Warning? Dingoes about!

A salient reminder....


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All Images Russell Cockman