Ningaloo Reef

Highlight of the stay in the Exmouth region was a four-night stay on the western side of the Exmouth Peninsula at Sal Salis, where the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef lies just a few steps off-shore. It was fun snorkelling in the warm water exploring the pristine coral reef and observing the many kinds of tropical fish found there. A short drive to the north are the boats that enable the amazing "swim with the whale-shark" experience.

I'm no underwater photographer. Just to see what I could do, I used a 20-year old Canon Ixus 90 IS digital camera in its dedicated underwater case and some Photoshop post-processing. 


Lilac coral

Banded Humbug 

Blue-spot Butterflyfish

Fluted Giant Clam

Green Coral Lagoon Triggerfish



Blue Devil Damselfish Steephead Parrotfish Reef Fish



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