The Dumbbell Nebula, M27

Located in Vulpecula at mag 7.5, M27 is one of the brightest planetary nebulae in the sky.  A central extremely hot star in the final stages of its life irradiates material puffed out over time causing it to fluoresce in the red and blue colours observed. Close inspection reveals faint extensions around the nebula indicating that there is a deeper complexity to the structure of this object: distance is estimated at 1360 ly. 

The image is combination of data collected in May 2012 at fl=1000mm, f7.7 and in June 2022 at fl=1500mm, f11.2.


Camera: SBIG STL11000M, Astrodon filters Scope: Takahashi TOA-130, f=1000/1500mm, f7.7/11.2 (fov ~0.6 x 0.5)
Mount: Takahashi EM-200 Temma2 Guiding: external, E-finder
Filters/Exposures: L:R:G:B = 120:120:120:120min = 8h00m Location: ASV's LMDSS, Heathcote, Victoria
Dates: May 2012, June 2022 Processing: CCDStack2, RegiStar and Photoshop CS5