The Dark Doodad, Musca

Located in Musca, it doesn't have a formal ID, but it is a nice strand of close-by dense molecular cloud that obscures stars more distant. At the upper left is the globular cluster, NGC 4372, which is far more distant at some 19,000 ly. The bright blue star is g Muscae.


Camera: SBIG STL11000M, Astrodon filters Scope: Takahashi TOA-130 + reducer, f=720mm, f5.6 (fov ~2.9x1.9)
Mount: Takahashi EM-200 Temma2 Guiding: External (E-finder)
Filters/Exposures: R:G:B = 4x5:4x5:4x5min1h00m Location: ASV's LMDSS Heathcote, Victoria, Australia
Date: December 2021 Processing: CCDStack2, RegiStar and Photoshop CS5