Late 2012 I put the car on the "Spirit of Tasmania" ferry for an overnight crossing and set foot on Tasmania for the first time when I drove off at Devonport the following morning. What followed was almost two weeks of very enjoyable scenic touring around the island state. Twelve bird species are endemic (E) to Tassie and nearby islands providing an excellent photographic project. I managed to get 10, missing two - the "strong-billed honeyeater" (seen) and the "scrubtit" (neither seen nor heard). A fine view of hooded plover on South Bruny Island was an unexpected bonus.

This adventure in Tasmania has left me with a strong desire to see a lot more when I return someday.


Black Currawong (E) Black-headed Honeyeater (E) Crescent Honeyeater Dusky Robin (E) Forest Raven Forty-spotted Pardalote (E)
Green Rosella (E) Hooded Plover Kelp Gull Pacific Gull Sheep Starling?? Tasmanian Native-hen (E)
Tasmanian Scrubwren (E) Tasmanian Thornbill (E) Tree Martin White-bellied Sea-eagle Yellow-throated Honeyeater (E) Yellow Wattlebird (E)


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