Total Lunar Eclipse 2014 October 08

The second total lunar eclipse visible over Melbourne in 2014 occurred during convenient mid-evening hours with the Moon entering the umbra at 20:15h AEDT and totality between 21:55h and 22:25h AEDT; the Moon left the umbra at 23:35h AEDT. The cloud forecast was more favourable than what actually transpired, but the significant stages of the eclipse were successfully observed through gaps in the cloud. Members of the Astronomical Society of Victoria, after a shortened monthly meeting, gathered at Melbourne Observatory to witness the event. 

I was assisting member's observations through the 140-year old 8" Troughton and Simms refractor (F13) at Melbourne Observatory which had a generous image scale, if just slightly too large for my full-frame Canon 5D II camera. However, the Moon fitted in the field of a 40mm eyepiece providing lovely views through the telescope, many observers commented on the beautiful orange/red pastel shades and gradient of light across the Moon during totality. 

We packed up as the eclipse was winding up and went home contented that we had witnessed one of Nature's memorable events.


20:49, 1/100 sec exposure, ISO3200, Canon 5D II attached to the 8" Troughton and Simms refractor (f13.4) at Melbourne Observatory. 

21:55, 1 sec exposure, ISO3200; mid eclipse.

22:17; the eclipse viewed through patchy cloud over Melbourne Observatory; Canon 5D II with 24-70mm zoom lens at 24mm, 1sec exposure at f6.3, ISO 3200.
22:31; the Moon has just started to move out of the umbral shadow: 1 sec exposure, ISO3200


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