C/103P Comet Hartley2

Comet Hartley2 was discovered in March 1986 at Siding Spring Observatory, Australia. In 2010 during its journey into the inner solar system, the comet was the subject of the EPOXI mission to photograph the comet up close. The mission was highly successful and results were spectacular. Here's some more background about Comet Hartley2 and the mission.

Here's a view taken against the stars of Monoceros.


9th November 2010; a 15 minute total exposure (15x1min subs) aligned on the comet's nucleus. Note the short tail and comet's motion over the interval by trailing of stars. Taken with a Canon450DH camera and 300mm lens at f2.8, ISO1600; camera tracking the sky on an NEQ-6 Pro mount. FOV approx 260x170 arcmin, N is to left.

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