1st December 2008 "Smiley Face"

On the evening of the 1st December 2008 skywatchers were treated to an unusual conjunction of the thin crescent Moon with Venus and Jupiter. The arrangement of objects resembled a smiling face with the planets forming the eyes and the crescent Moon, the smiling mouth. Many interested observers were out enjoying the spectacle in the balmy summer Melbourne air creating an almost festive atmosphere.

Here's a few of my images capturing the event over some of Melbourne's landmarks.


Lovely twilight colours reflected in the clouds and the River Yarra. Taken from Prince's Bridge, Melbourne.

David Malin Astrophotography Award winner 2009

Viewed with the (old) Hamer Hall on the left hand side.

From the Botanical Gardens with the Arts Centre spire and the Eureka Tower (tallest residential building in the Southern Hemisphere) in the foreground.

Viewed later from Prince's Bridge showing the lights of the Melbourne cityscape.

Through a long lens. Beautiful Earthshine on the Moon and several moons of Jupiter are visible.