Lunar Occultations of Saturn

These are rare events where the Moon passes in front of the planet for periods up to about an hour. Occultations of stars and slow-moving planets tend to occur in "seasons" where an event will be visible somewhere on the planet every lunar month for many months, until the steady progression of the lunar nodes eventually moves the path of the Moon away from the object and the Moon misses it. For stars, the cycle will repeat again just over 18 years later.




16th April 2002; imaged from a location to the east of Edinburgh, Scotland. Images were taken on Fuji Provia400F film at one minute intervals in the lead up to immersion and one image after emersion and combined into an animation (127kB).



14th May 2014; ToUcam webcam attached to the fully functional 140 year old 8" Troughton and Simms refracting telescope at Melbourne Observatory, Victoria, Australia. A small number of frames from the video were aligned in Registax6

Here's the video of ingress; note the video exposure was optimised for Saturn - the very much brighter Moon was consequently very over-exposed


21:22h, 4th August 2014, from Elwood, Victoria, Australia; 500mm lens + 2X converter, Canon 5D II on a mount tracking Saturn

21:24h; Saturn is starting to disappear

21:53h; Saturn has just fully reappeared