The Scorpius Region

- another remarkable field containing many deep sky objects - emission nebulae, red and blue reflection nebulae, star clusters, star fields and dark nebulae. Antares is the bright star right of centre whilst the rho Ophiuchi complex is above and slightly to the right. The rich star fields of Sagittarius are on the right.


Camera: SBIG STL11000M, Astrodon filters Lens: Pentax 645 75mm f2.8 working at f3.5 (fov 26x17 approx)
Mount: Synta NEQ-6 Pro, tracking the sky Guiding: none
Filters/Exposures: LRGB: 120(bin1x1):55:55:50(2x2) min, 4hr20min total Location: ASV Leon Mow Dark Sky Site, Heathcote
Date: June 2012 Processing: CCDStack2, Mira AL8 and Photoshop CS5