June 2005 Planets

During late June 2005 sky watchers were treated to a beautiful apparition of Saturn, Venus and Mercury in the evening sky. It was interesting to watch Mercury draw close to Venus as the two planets approached Saturn then passed it. Closest approach visible from Melbourne occurred on the 26th when the planets were contained within an area of sky just 1.4 in diameter. Closest approach of Mercury to Venus visible from Melbourne occurred on the 27th when the planets were just 0.1 apart.

Weather was excellent with essentially clear skies throughout the event.


In twilight looking to the NW on the 22nd June 2005 overlooking Sandringham Marina; the Planets are aligned.
The 24th; Venus is the bright point of light, Mercury is below and Saturn above.
Imaged on the 26th at Frankston. Venus and Mercury are closing on Saturn.
Same night as the above; imaged over Frankston Pier.
Later on the 26th; the planets are photographed through the bridge over Kananook Creek at Frankston.
The planets on the 27th imaged over Mornington Pier; Venus and Mercury having their close conjunction.
Later on the 27th; twilight has faded and the planets are closer to the horizon. Reflections of the Planets and pier lights are visible in the water.
On the 28th.
On the 29th.


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