2015 November 04 (local Melbourne time)

Solar wind gusts from a very large coronal hole were responsible for substantial auroral activity early November 2015. Heavy cloud over Melbourne cleared on the evening of the 4th cleared just in time for a burst of activity which only lasted for 30 minutes or so. Clear glows to the south and pale beams adequately described the visual appearance of this display, though greens and reds showed in the photographs. 

Here are the best images captured at Rickett's Point, Melbourne.


13:12UTC 20151103: Canon 5D II + 24-70mm f2.8 lens at 27mm, f3.2, 30secs, ISO800. Four minutes after the display became visible in the camera; beams and glows faintly visible to the naked eye.

13:17UTC 20151103: same details as above. Beams are moving from right to left. 

13:20UTC 20151103: same details as above.

13:23UTC 20151103: same details as above.


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