2015 January 7

A glancing blow from a CME launched from the Sun by an M1-class flare on the 4th January unexpectedly jolted the Earth's magnetic field on the 7th producing Kp= 6-7 (storm) conditions. 

I was on holiday in the deep south of New Zealand in Invercargill enjoying the sights with plans to take some night-time photography. As twilight faded I was amazed to see the southern quadrant slowly light up bright green through the clouds rolling in. I photographed for about 45 minutes until the clouds all but hid the show away. During that time I was treated to a display of apple green with paler white glows above and a few beams for good measure. I then went back to the hotel very satisfied with what Nature had provided. 

The best images are below.


11:55UT, bright green with violet above. Pity those clouds hid most of the show! Canon 5D II + 24-70mm f/2.8 lens at 24mm, f4.5, 20secs, ISO400.

11:59UT, four minutes later and activity had diminished somewhat. Lovely violet shades above. Details as above.

12:01UT, beams add to the show through the cloud. Details as above.


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