20th February 2014

A second weak CME in as many days buffeted the Earth's magnetic field on the 20th February allowing solar particles to stream into the polar upper atmosphere producing Kp=6 (storm) conditions.  

Skies were clearing from the west so I went to my favourite site at Rickett's Point to see if there was any visible activity. Clouds were rolling by fast and a window to the south opened up between 1106UT and 1133UT. During this time there were definite weak glows in the south which showed as red in photographs. In addition a number of weak beams were noted particularly earlier in the window of opportunity. Thick cloud rolled in after 1135UT which signalled that it was time to go home.

The best images were taken between 11:06UT and 11:33UT on the 20th February 2014.


11:12UT, an active display in progress close to the peak of activity as the clouds moved away; red glows and several short red beams. 14mm f2.8 lens at f3.2 on a Canon 450DH body, 20sec exposure at ISO800.

11:15UT, three minutes later and activity diminishing somewhat. Image details as above.

11:17UT, cloud begins to roll in again, but still active. Image details as above.

11:33UT, cloud are obstructing the south, but activity still visible. Image details as above.


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