12th March 2012

An M-8 solar flare erupted from sunspot group AR1429 around 1745UT on 10/3/2012 sending a CME Earth-bound. It reached Earth around 0930UT on the12/3/2012 rattling the Earth's magnetosphere, turning Bz south and Kp hit 6 (storm). The CME's arrival was fortuitously timed for late evening in Southeastern Australia where observers under clear skies were treated to a strong, but short-lived, display of the aurora australis. Highlights of the display, which waxed and waned for about an hour, were the strength of the salmon-pink colours and the reddish coloured beams which were clearly visible to the naked eye from areas free of local light pollution.

11:44UT; Some red beams and a green arc form to start the show

11:54UT; colours were visible to the eye as the show moves towards the west

11:59UT; several very distinct red beams form clearly visible to the naked eye

12:01UT; the show starts to fade away

12:08UT; show was almost gone, ending 25-30 minutes of brilliant action


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