20th - 21st November 2003

An M-class flare erupted from sunspot group 484 on the 18th November producing auroral storm conditions on the 20th/21st November 2003.  A strong corona, bright green glow/arc to the SOUTH and reddish coloured bands in the west were already prominent from relatively light polluted locations as night fell on the 20th. The show was even lovelier from darker sites with white, red, green, yellow and lilac colours festooning the sky. At one stage incredibly bright sheets/bands decorated the western and north eastern sectors of the sky (the brightest auroral light I've seen). By midnight the display had all but vanished leaving a sky full of winter stars. 

Here are few of my images taken during the evening hours of the 20th November 2003.


Overlooking farmland, beautiful red bands and structured green arc decorate the western sky. Nikon CoolPix 4500 @ ISO400; 15s exposure.

Rich red corona due south! Mars is the bright "star" shining through the tree.

Later at Doune, near Stirling- our favourite statue with beautiful bands in the west. 

Looking north east, beautifully delicate bands of green, red and yellow adorn the sky.

Looking SSW, a beautiful red band shines through trees.


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