10th September 2002

Taking advantage of clear skies on the 10th September we travelled to our favourite locations west of Stirling to do some binocular observation. Whilst there we noted a faint glow on the northern horizon that steadily increased in brightness and extent to form a bright greenish auroral arc from which numerous beams emerged and hints of diffuse reddish glows. The aurora was particularly active fluctuating in brightness and structure by the minute, the arc sometimes breaking up into segments that flickered before our eyes. Highlight was the appearance of a bright curtain that sadly lasted just a few minutes, capping off an unforgettable display. 

Here are few of my images taken between 21:50UT and midnight on the 10th September 2002. These images were featured in spaceweather.com aurora gallery.


sept10-02 (1) vsm.jpg (5422 bytes)

A 15min time exposure looking north taken before the aurora gained intensity. The initially faint auroral glow is apparent.

sept10-02 (3) vsm.jpg (3609 bytes)

The auroral arc brightens and reddish glows fill the northern sky. Ursa Major is upper right and an iridium satellite flare is visible below.

sept10-02 (16) vsm.jpg (3385 bytes)

Beautiful beams appear during the brightest phase of the display.

sept10-02 (18) vsm.jpg (3658 bytes)

Another view taken during the brightest phase.


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