6th - 7th April 2000

A superb opportunity occurred on the 6th April after photographing the conjunction of the moon with Jupiter, Mars and Saturn that was too good to miss (and the sky was unusually clear!). For me the scale of the display was so unexpected and I am definitely looking forward to more in the future. My report.

Here are a few of my photos taken near Stirling, Scotland, between about 21:30 UT on the 6th April 2000 and 00:30 UT on the 7th April 2000.


A beautifully detailed corona above Leo. The sickle is in the lower left of the frame.
A highlight was the activity through Orion which was setting in the west. The red bands were stationary for at least an hour.
Another view of the corona showing beautiful beams radiating outwards.
Superb reds and greens with trees in silhouette.
A view to the west showing a red and green curtain taken later in the night from the Association of Falkirk Astronomers' (AFA) Farm site near Slamannan.


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